Gambling for kids in Australia

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For most people the idea of gambling games, casinos and so on is definitely considered as an entertainment for adults only. But Australian people don’t think so. And if you were convinced that gambling is forbidden for kids in Australia, then now you will lose your convince.
Gambling in Australia is absolutely allowed and available for every kid.
Australian computer experts recently expressed their deepest concern that the current age limits for games of gambling are too loyal and do not protect children from harmful effects.
According to the agency Digital Australia, 97% of Australian families with children have at least 1 gaming device. In this case, 60% of these families have more than 5 devices for playing game content. In this way, the parent’s ability to forbid playing is a very difficult task.
In fact, the regulation of this process should deal with a national agency that assigns age rating games. For many years now, the availability of gambling content in video games has automatically increased their rating to PG 16+ for a number of years. In Australia in 2012, 100 games with similar content 69 were allowed for children from the age of 8 years.
In connection with the events of last year, when the international community condemned so-called “lutboxes” in popular online games and classified them as a gambling element, the situation only worsened. Experts believe that children in Australia are not adequately protected from the obsessive offer of gambling, which will affect the subsequent passion for real or online casinos.
But if there will be really reliable and safe platforms for gambling – both for adults and children – than no problems would appeared.
Of course, parents themselves should control the gaming time limits of their children. And when there will be a good control and reliable gaming platforms – than there will be no causes for concerns!

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