Gambling and Poker in Australia

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Sydney – one of the largest cities in Australia, founded in 1788 by Admiral of the Royal Navy of England – Arthur Phillip. The city was named in honor of Lord Sydney – Minister of the British colonies. By the grace of the British authorities, all British robbers and murderers alluded to Sydney. Currently, the city is famous for its luxurious Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and its vast beaches. And also a large number of casinos and the popularity of gambling in general.
 In Australia and most countries of this part of the world, gambling is viewed positively. Any gambling is legal in New Zealand, Australia, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Vanuatu. The relationship of gambling with the law in Australia depends on the authorities of all six states.
In almost all states of the Union of Australia, gambling houses are required to return a significant portion of their losses to customers. When losing in the slot machine in this hot country, the player usually receives a consolation prize, which is equal to 85% of his or her loss, and the gambling houses return to customers up to 90% of the amount spent. Recently, the most popular here is poker, in which Australians play both in card clubs and online casinos.
Australians treat poker with great respect, so there are many communities of fans of this card game, the most famous of which are: “Australian Poker League”, “Australian Poker Association” and “National Poker League of Australia”. There is also a non-profit organization “Poker for the Deaf”, which proves that even people with disabilities can play this game professionally. The most successful player on the green continent is Joseph Hachem, who in 2005 became the champion of the prestigious WSOP tournament. In 2009, all media repeated the name of another well-known Australian player Jeffrey Lisandro, who won three WSOP bracelets at once.
Such famous championships as the Poker Cup Australia and Aussie Millions are regularly held in the homeland of the kangaroo. The locals are quite reckless and on weekends almost all of Australia’s land-based casinos are filled with players who are eager to win and have fun. Many Australians prefer to play video poker, which they call poker machines and slot machines. The popularity of gambling simulators, especially this card game, is growing rapidly. The level of competition culture rises, and it is possible that in the near future, Sydney or Melbourne will become new poker capitals. Numerous tournaments attract many world-class gamblers to the green continent. Recently, more and more of their professionals appear in Australia.

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