Australian Slot machines

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The gaming machines in Australia are called “poker machines” or simply “pokies”. Australian gaming machines often use video displays to simulate physical drums and there are usually five of them there. These machines have extra bonus rounds and a functional second screen.
The second screen offers free games and bonus levels. Australian gaming machines also have a few prize lines, but the principle here is slightly different.
At the end of 2010, Australia had 200,057 poker machines, which is approximately 2.75% of all gaming machines worldwide, although there was a time when this percentage was higher by almost 10 times.
On slot machines, players play for each position of each drum instead of all at once. That is, they stop each drum separately and with each stop can build a prize line. In many gaming machines instead of bells cards from the standard log are used. There are also multiplication symbols on the drums, and prize positions on the Australian slot machine reels differ from the usual western man. Most gaming machines operate on the principle of multiplayer games and, in fact, give players greater freedom, using the template 4×5 or 5×5, I remind that all the drums are used step by step in the Australian slot machines.
The laws governing the use of slot machines in Australia are set by state governments, that is, they can vary significantly from one another.
Slot machines are allowed to be installed in a casino (in Australia, approximately one casino in each big city), as well as in bars and clubs, but not in all states (because in some of them they are legally prohibited to be placed in similar establishments).
The first Australian state to legalize gambling was New South Wales, and it happened in 1956, when it was allowed to install gaming machines in all state institutions. There is an assumption that the spread of poker machines has led to an increase in the level of gambling problems, however, the exact nature of the connection with this is not clear.
In 1999, the Australian Commission reported that nearly half of all Australian gaming machines were located in New South Wales. At that time, the number of gaming machines in the country beat records, and according to some data at the end of the last century, in Australia, there were more than 21 percent of all gaming machines on the planet, and per capita, Australia was about five times more gaming machines than in the United States. Today, Australia ranks 8th in the total number of gaming machines after Japan, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany. The problem with gambling still worries Australian society.

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