Gambling addiction and the solution

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The first form of gambling and popular entertainment in Australia was horse riding. Horse races are very attracted and captured fans. After a very small amount of time, the fun turned into a rich industry, including bets on winners, which brought great profit and was very popular with players and participants.
Australia is the leading country in the world in terms of revenue from slot machines. In all the big cities on the weekends there are races on which it is possible to make their bets.
Presentation of the destructive power of the casino, was considered the main historical feature of Australia. But for the opening of gambling zones, a strong impetus was the desire to accelerate the pace of development of the tourist direction. Gambling zones immediately won the recognition of people. Casino has become entertainment at the level of the law. Slot machines from the moment of their appearance came to citizens to their liking. The number of slot machines and various slot machines is very large. Studies show that it is the pastime on the slot machine that causes a strong gambling addiction. Gambling-related problems further aggravate the situation in poor areas, causing mental disorders and a tendency to crime.
However, you cannot say so about the rich areas.
Opinion polls have shown that those citizens whose financial status is high and stable – do not suffer from gambling addiction – on the contrary – they enjoy without spending a large sums of money, because they use gambling for entertainment, and not for earnings.
Hence we can conclude that if the problem of gambling addiction is worth it, then the government should not concentrate so much on limiting gambling establishments and platforms, as on improving the financial well-being of citizens. And this is not such a difficult task for Australia!

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